Visit to Nairobi 2011 video and newsletter

NSSPT 2011 trip to Nairobi

In February, seventten volunteers from Jersey and Belfast took off to the Kwa-Njenga slums to help the NSSPT’s work in the area.  Information about the visit can be found in the 2011 newsletter, as well as this beautifully edited video footage.  Thanks to everyone who came!

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  1. carole Nyakeri says:

    Congratulations NSSPT and your volunteers!It warms my heart to see such selfless giving of your time,guidance and material support to our Kenyan slums schools.I work with a local trust and have never seen anything quite like this.Do feel free to contact me on 0722704563 when next in Kenya,I would like to join you.Kudos and God bless the work of your hands.Thank you.
    Kind Regards
    Carole Nyakeri

  2. Peter Woodman says:

    It is lovely to see the Red Roof Academy doing so well. I was there in January 2006 when our small party was duped by the self-styled “Bishop” Philip Akala and his wife as they tried to persuade us that the venture had been all their doing. We also visited the Mathare slum school and others where we met the delightful children and hard-worked teachers, not knowing that their salaries (when Akala gave them, albeit much less than had been sent from Jersey!), had been provided by Paul and his devoted team in Jersey and Northern Ireland. We also didn’t know then that 4 British Airways pilots had also been independantly supporting the Mathare and Kwa-Njenga schools. I found out about Paul shortly after returning home from Nairobi.
    Keep up the good work.
    Peter Woodman.

  3. It is amazing to see how your have tried to make this kids happy.Thank you for making this world a better place for everyone may God bless the work of your hands are you continue to help many

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