Thank you!

You beautiful person!!!  Thank you so much for donating to the NSSPT.  We (and the children we support) are eternally grateful.  🙂


13 Responses to Thank you!

  1. Victoria Saville says:

    Good Luck Josh!

  2. Cat Hooper says:

    Run like the wind Bullseye!

  3. Barney says:

    run forest run

  4. ARMSTRONG says:

    good luck BENJY

  5. Shirley says:

    Good luck Chris!

  6. Paul Brannigan says:

    As Marge says, Run like the Wind!

  7. john conlon says:

    Running just as fast as you can, holding onto one anothers hand

  8. Ian Grant says:

    All the very best for the marathon! Thanks for helping me with the pub quiz and for helping Paul at the bag pack! Hope it all goes well on the day! I’ll be thinking about you!
    Ian & Paul

  9. Meryl says:

    run mucker run, dead proud of you as always

  10. Mags says:

    G’wan wee Chris and team!! If your running is anything in comparison to your marathon disco dancing it will be wee buns xxx

  11. Niamh says:

    Good luck guys 😉

  12. Lauren & Gary says:

    Get them we sexy legs up babes!!.. Soo proud! Lots of luck from oz 🙂 xxx

  13. Chris flanagan says:

    Hope u have them wee legs waxed….less wind resistance.
    Good Luck doll <3

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