Support the ‘Red Roof Runners’ in the Warsaw Marathon

Red roof Runners

Myself and my friend Leanne did the half of the Belfast marathon last year and decided to do the full thing this year. We do all our training together and decided to pick somewhere different to do the run so we are heading to Warsaw in September with our other friend Serena for 26 miles in a different setting!  We were discussing which charity to run for and I had suggested NSSPT because I had seen first hand how the money can help and what amazing work had been done and had shown the girls the photographs of when I went to Nairobi with the NSSPT back in Feb 2011 and they were more than happy to support the cause!  So the three of us are making up the ‘Red Roof Runners’ and hope we can raise some funds for this brilliant charity.

Please us the form on the right to donate.  Please give generously.  🙂

Many thanks,

Chris Pattison.

10 Responses to Support the ‘Red Roof Runners’ in the Warsaw Marathon

  1. Ann Cartwright says:

    Go you Chris [+ friends!] So proud of you – you’re amazing. Much love xxx

  2. paul bell says:

    Well done to the Red Roof Runners for finishing the Warsaw marathon and raising £1155 for Nairobi Slum School Projects .

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