About the NSSPT

About Nairobi Slum Schools Project Trust

The mission of the NSSPT is simply to help improve the prospects for the children within the slums by providing sustained educational facilities, essential healthcare, and where possible a little bit of More »

Out Fundraising with the NSSPT Van


100% of all money raised is used to pay for the education of the Red Roof Academy children.  There are no marketing or administration costs.  What you raise goes directly to the More »

Make a donation to help kids in the Nairobi Slums


All donations will go directly to funding our projects on the ground in Nairobi.  Your support is much appreciated. More »

Leeanne Stewart is competing in the Firmus Energy City of Derry Triathlon


Belfast lady Leeanne Stewart, is competing in the firmus energy city of Derry Triathlon on 14 June to raise funds for NSSPT.  Triathlons are a new challenge for me and I am really looking forward to the Triathlon in June and I am hoping that I will be able to raise money for this fabulous charity NSSPT.  Back in 2011 Chris Pattison and myself raised money for this charity after we completed the Warsaw marathon. I know money donated to NSSPT makes such  a difference to the lives of these children and I hope to raise as much as I can so this work can continue.

Grouville FC Supports the NSSPT

Grouville Football Strip

The following article was found in the Spring edition of Jersey’s Grouville Gazette.

Support the ‘Red Roof Runners’ in the Warsaw Marathon

Red roof Runners

Myself and my friend Leanne did the half of the Belfast marathon last year and decided to do the full thing this year. We do all our training together and decided to pick somewhere different to do the run so we are heading to Warsaw in September with our other friend Serena for 26 miles in a different setting! 

Video from the 2012 visit to our Red Roof Academy

Nairobi 2012 trip

Here is the greatly anticipated video of 2012 trip to The Red Roof Academy in the Kwa-Njenga slums. Produced by Bethany Bell from video and photo footage taken by the members of the trip.

Josh Benjamin is running the Great Manchester Marathon for the NSSPT

Josh Benjamin Manachester Marathon

On Sunday 28th April, Josh Benjamin will be for the first ever time running 26.4 miles in the Great Manchester Marathon. I decided to raise money for The Nairobi Slums School Project, an amazing charity owned by family friends. Any donation is highly appreciated here 🙂